Beros: No major obstacles to electioneering



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Na fotografiji: Vili Beros.
Foto: Damir Krajac / CROPIX
Damir Krajac / CROPIX

Health minister Vili Beros

Health Minister Vili Beros said on Monday there were no major obstacles to electioneering and that the State Electoral Commission, in cooperation with the Croatian Institute of Public Health (HZJZ), would find a way to enable everyone to vote in the July 5 parliamentary election.

Speaking on RTL television about the ongoing election campaign, Beros said it was important to follow the epidemiological situation and adapt to it.

Asked what his Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) would do, given that some parties were cancelling rallies due to COVID-19, he said the HDZ would follow developments and HZJZ recommendations.

He said rallies were currently possible under certain conditions and that if the epidemiological situation escalated, additional measures would be introduced. For now, he added, there are no major obstacles to electioneering.

Beros said the current epidemiological situation in Croatia was satisfactory despite the COVID-19 hotspot in Zadar and the increase in new patients in the past few days.

Asked how many new patients daily would prompt talk about delaying the election, he said it was not just about the absolute number but also about how the virus was spreading. "There is a score of elements which experts are assessing in order to adopt certain measures."

Asked if they were bringing into question the health of those most vulnerable by having them come to indoor polling stations, Beros said, "We have a certain experience and have decided to protect those most vulnerable. That's our obligation. The State Electoral Commission will, in cooperation with the HZJZ, find a way to enable everyone to vote."

Speaking of the Zadar hotspot, he said organisers of events must be aware of their responsibility.