Metalworkers Union chapter at Uljanik seeks agreement with Rijeka chapter on further paychecks



Pula, 310118.
Danas je u Uljaniku porinuta novogradnja 530, luksuzni putnicki brod za polarna istrazivanja Scenic Eclipse.
Na fotografiji: skidanje masti sa donje saonice nakon porinuca broda
Foto: Goran Sebelic / CROPIX
Goran Sebelic / CROPIX

Illustration: Workers of Uljanik

More workers quit the Uljanik shipyard of Pula on Wednesday. The worst, however, was Monday, the first working days after the holidays.

By the end of that day, 23 workers rescinded their employment agreements. The next day, five more followed suit. Given the great uncertainty surrounding the future of the shipyard it was to be expected. For the second time in a year, the company is seeking a strategic partner to provide the necessary financial injection. This time, however, the time to do anything may well have run out. The big question is when such a partner will be found, so that talk about financing the payroll can start.

- The situation is very tough - says Union chapter leader at Uljanik Đino Šverko.

- We know that the procedure takes time, but the fact is also that workers will not wait for long. Somebody should be aware of that. That is why we are giving the Management and the Ministry of Economy the January 14 deadline for at least one more paycheck.

The Uljanik employees have received minimal pay for last September and October, but no others, and not full pay. It is anyone's guess what happens next, as the clock is ticking. Another strategic partner is being sought. When it is found, a new restructuring program has to be made...

A reminder:  the first time that process came to pass, it lasted from spring to autumn, and then the restructuring plan was finally rejected, the decision on the choice of Danko Končar's Kermas energija as the strategic partner was scrapped and everything went back to square one.

Šverko says that, according to his knowledge, the (talked about) German investor has not yet visited the 'data room' in Pula for a look into the financial condition of the shipyard. Uljanik is now a small company with some 300 employees. So far, due diligence has been performed by Brodosplit (owned by Tomislav Debeljak's company Div) and Australian cruiser company owner Glen Moroney who is having a polar cruiser built at Uljanik. He also met with Minister of Economy Darko Horvat and Uljanik CEO Emil Bulić in Zagreb on Wednesday.

-The workers will not wait long. We are giving the Management and the Ministry of Economy the January 14 deadline for at least one more paycheck.

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