Preliminary design made to connect Croatia's and Bosnia's gas pipelines



Bosnian technician, employed by state owned gas company, Sarajevo Gas, walks through gas distribution chamber near Sarajevo, on January 6, 2009 as he does his routine round in Bosnian capital. So far Bosnian gas company have reported reduced pressure in gas supply, after disputes between Russia and Ukraine over gas pipeline between the two countries. All Balkans countries have been affected by gas shortage while some were completely shut off. AFP PHOTO ELVIS BARUKCIC AFP PHOTO ELVIS BARUKCIC (Photo by ELVIS BARUKCIC / AFP)

Technician in the state owned company Sarajevo Gas walks through gas distribution chamber near Sarajevo

The BH Gas company, which operates the gas pipeline network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has prepared a preliminary design of connecting that network to Croatia through the so-called Southern Interconnection, the company said in a press release on Wednesday.

"The preliminary design for the 'Southern Interconnection' gas pipeline has been finalised and delivered to BH Gas on 30 April," the company said, adding that an international review of the preliminary design would ensue.

Non-repayable EU grants have been ensured within the JASPERS scheme for the preliminary design and its review.

JASPERS targets assistance on major infrastructure projects supported by the EU funds – for example, roads, rail, water, waste, energy and urban transport projects. 

The Southern Interconnection envisages the connecting of the gas supply pipelines between the two countries at the southern Croatian town of Zagvozd to supply gas to Herzegovina and central Bosnia.

The project will finally enable the diversification of gas provision to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is currently dependent on Russian gas supplies.

The project will make it possible for Bosnia and Herzegovina to have access to gas supplies from the future LNG terminal on the Croatian island of Krk and to supplies from the Caspian region through the planned Ionian-Adriatic gas pipeline.