Parliament adopts climate change adaptation strategy



Zagreb, 070420. Hotel Westin. Hrvatski sabor glasovat ce o Vladinom travanjskom paketu mjera pomoci gospodarstvu pogodjenom pandemijom koronavirusa. Po prvi puta se glasanje odvija u Kristalnoj dvorani hotela Westin. Foto: Davor Pongracic / CROPIX
Davor Pongracic / CROPIX

Parliament's session in hotel Westin. Due the eathquake and safety measures the sessions are no longer hold in Parliament's building (Sabor)

Parliament on Tuesday adopted a strategy of adaptation to climate change in Croatia until 2040 with an outlook on 2070.

The strategy is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of climate change on society, and at pointing out threats and the need to integrate adaptation to climate change into extant and new policies, strategies, documents and programmes at all government levels.

The strategy is also expected to steer scientific research towards better understanding the complexity of climate change and reducing the uncertainties caused by its effects.

Parliament also amended the law on the central bank, credit institutions and the bailout of credit institutions and investment companies, aligning it with EU legislation to expedite preparations for introducing the euro and accession to the EU monetary mechanism.

MPs also amended the law on the enforcement on monetary funds and the law on regulated professions.

Bills tabled by the opposition were turned down.