PM Plenković not afraid for his position ahead of publishing of former Minister Dalić's memoir



Zagreb, 300618. Trg Rpublike Hrvatske.
Svecani koncert u prigodi obiljezavanja pete godisnjice clanstva Republike Hrvatske u Europskoj uniji.
Na fotografiji: Andrej Plenkovic, predsjednik Vlade Republike Hrvatske.
Foto: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković

Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said on Saturday that he did not fear for his position as the leader of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) or for the government or the parliamentary majority, and that the government and the parliamentary majority were stable and focused on ensuring economic growth.

Plenkovic made the statement in Dubrovnik when asked by reporters covering the 13th Dubrovnik Forum if he feared 'unpleasant revelations' in a book to be published by former economy minister Martina Dalić, which could reportedly target him, or former Agrokor owner Ivica Todorić's possible allegations.

The PM said that both the government and the parliamentary majority were stable.

"As far as I'm concerned, my position as the HDZ leader, the position of the entire party as well as the government are stable, as is the parliamentary majority," said Plenković.

He commended the results of this year's tourist season and tourism revenues and underscored a "record low" unemployment rate, as well as respect for Croatia in the international community and close cooperation with key global partners.

In that context, he mentioned a summit of China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries, to be held in Croatia in 2019.

Plenković also underscored that his government had maintained policy elements that were crucial for the country - less polarisation, less divisions, more stability and more economic growth and social solidarity.

Asked if the conflict in the HDZ's Lika-Senj County branch involving party member Darko Milinović and his possible ouster could threaten the parliamentary majority, Plenković said that the HDZ and the government were prepared for any scenario.

He said that he expected all "serious, reasonable" people in the HDZ, "who constitute a vast majority", to support the party's course because it was good both for the HDZ and the country.

Asked about the future of the shipbuilding sector in the context of last week's protests and strike of workers of the Uljanik shipbuilding group, Plenković said that everything that was being done about it, including the restructuring plan, would have to be based on a much smaller role of the state than had been the case so far.

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