WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN CROATIA TODAY? Vukovar mayor said that he is worried for the security in city because of the Constitutional Court's decision



Vukovar, 140719. Vukovarski gradonacelnik Ivan Penava odrzao je konferenciju za medije zbog odluke Ustavnog suda o uporabi cirilice i srpskog jezika u Vukovaru. Foto: Vlado Ko s/ CROPIX
Vlado Kos / CROPIX

Vukovar mayor Ivan Penava (HDZ) found that Constitutional Court's decision is going against his political platform

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Davor Ivo-Stier: I was right, a coalition with HNS was a mistake

Davor Ivo-Stier, former PM (Ivo Sanader, Jadranka Kosor) foreign policy adviser, a former member of EU parliament, former minister of foreign affairs and former political secretary of governing party HDZ in an interview for Jutarnji list on Saturday said:

  • problems with the minister (Lovro Kuščević) are a reflection of the deeper political problem, of policy that not focused on the fight against clientelism. The focus was on stability of the government that resulted in coalition with HNS and SDSS, Milan Bandić and several MPs elected on SDP list. That policy failed on European elections. (Stier was speaking against clientelism on the last HDZ party rally)
  • HDZ must not confront with a part of its electoral body and that was process going on from June 2017 (new government with HNS, Stier resigned as FM) resulting in division of our voters
  • we need balanced HDZ that Democratic-Christian policy is in the core, policy that will insist on fight against clientelism, state of law, rule of lay, so, if you like, on inheritance of Western, some would say liberal democracy; that policy should be inspired by Christian values and Social Doctrine of the Church
  • public administration is too expensive for our economy. Our task is to change it.

Stier said that he could be a candidate for a new president of HDZ, confirmed that he is not an ally of party vice president Milijan Brkić because latter was advocating coalition with HNS. He criticised PM Andrej Plenković and his “European ambitions” saying that “Croatian citizens expect from PM to dedicate one hundred per cent of his energy to Croatia and leading the government”

On Sunday Jutarnji list published reaction from people close to Plenković: “Country needed political stability for reforms we implemented, economic growth and strengthening of credit rating. Who does not understand that and who, even today, do not see the political goals of a former partner from Most can only guarantee long term opposition HDZ. Stier has an opportunity to be a part of the fight for changing Croatia. But, he decided to be on the margin. Responsible politicians with their engagement contribute to the prosperity of society, they do not communicate theses of adversaries trying to overthrow HDZ”.

Stier in his interview once again, like in his essays, confirmed that his political vision is limited on an older version of Christian Democracy that today in EU lives, transformed, in some right-wing parties (he was against Istanbul Convention, e.g.). Apart from that, there is no political substance. And, he approves that he is not a fighter but a quitter. From interview is also seen that he does not have so strong support inside HDZ as generally considered. But, anti-Plenković forces in HDZ can use him as a disruptive force. Jutarnji list in today's print edition reports that Tomislav Karamarko, former president of HDZ, can also enter the race for new president.

I am sorry for the coalition with HDZ

Medjimurje County Prefect Matija Posavec, member of the HNS and leader of party list for European elections, on Sunday said he was sorry for the party's decision to enter the ruling coalition with the HDZ in 2017 and apologize for that (he called that coalition “darkness of Croatian politics”). On the TV show “Sunday at Two” he emphasized he is ready to take HNS on the right path and that Croatia needs parliamentary elections this year. Reactions from HNS were quick explaining that Posavec was not speaking in the name of the party and that HNS stays in the coalition. Leaders of HNS interpreted statements of Posavece as a part of the inter-party campaign for president. More in Jutarnji list.

Coalition partners last week said that government will survive until next elections. But, as we noticed then, tensions are very strong. And there are so many interests.

Sveti Martin na Muri, 290619.
Spa Golfer
Politicka akademija i sportski susreti HNS-a.
Na fotografiji: Matija Posavec.
Foto: Ranko Suvar / CROPIX
Ranko Suvar / CROPIX

Matija Posavec,Medjimurje County Prefect, is in campaign for president of HNS and does not see it in coalition with HDZ


Vukovar mayor against Constitutional Court regarding Serb minority

Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava (HDZ) said on Sunday that dialogue and cooperation among residents and ethnic Serbs in that eastern Croatian town were at a satisfactory level and any increase in the volume of rights of that ethnic minority would deteriorate the relations among local communities.

Constitutional Court President Miroslav Šeparović told the N1 commercial TV on Sunday that he expected the local authorities in Vukovar to implement the court's judgement concerning the matter of regulating the enhancement of minority rights of local Serbs in that eastern Croatian town. Constitutional Court President Miroslav Šeparović told a news conference on Friday that the court recommended that the city council in Vukovar adopt changes to their rule book whereby Serb counsellors can ask now also orally for the delivery of documents and papers in their mother tongue and the Cyrillic script.

Penava underscores that the priority is to solve the problems caused in that town in 1991 when the area fell into the hands of Serb rebels supported by the then Yugoslav People's Army (JNA). "We cannot forget and ignore the huge injustice inflicted to us in 1991," Penava insinuated that he will not implement the decision of Constitutional Court. And threaten that riots like in 2013 (when public signs on Cyrillic were put in Vukovar) can recur.

Ivanka Toma in today’s print edition of Jutarnji list: “Mayor who wants good to his city and citizens must have a vision of different and better future. Penava does not have. He acts like he can not accept that Serbs are also citizens of Vukovar… The main problem is that his whole political problem is based on evoking war traumas and statements that aggressor is not punished enough”.

However, this could be another serious problem for Plenković who is not known as a problem solver.

Conference in Dubrovnik organised by HNB and IMF

The Croatian National Bank (HNB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have organised the conference entitled "Demographics, Jobs and Growth: Navigating the Future in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe" in Dubrovnik.

The number of the working-age population in Croatia is falling and according to the projections, it will continue to fall. In the short term, technology and technological advances can not compensate for a shortage of workforce, said Boris Vujčić, Croatian National Bank governor for Dnevnik.hr. We can no longer find workers in the Western Balkans pool because they go to Western Europe, so we have to look further east, he emphasized adding that we will have to work longer.

Finance minister Zdravko Marić said that VAT rate will be reduced from January 1st, 2020.


EIB concerned with the cost-effectiveness of Pelješac bridge

Croatian government was surprised, reports Jutarnji list in today’s print edition, when EIB asked for a study of economic cost-effectiveness of Pelješac bridge. A study made before an application for EU funds gave the project 5,89 grade. EIB now, as Jutarnji learned, wants grade 7. EIB was supposed to finance €70 million which is Croatian part of financing the project.

Chinese bought 20 per cent of Tehnika

Construction company Tehnika has a new majority owner; the largest shareholder, Tehnika ESOP sold 20% of the shares of Luxury Real Estate (LRE) from Zagreb, writes poslovni.hr.  According to media reports, LRE on behalf of the Chinese investor, Jiangxiong Hua, took over the Zadar port.  On the web site of the Chinese South East European Business Association (CSEBA), LRE is listed among its associates and partners.

Last year it was speculated about the entering of the Chinese in Tehnika when an agreement was signed with the Guangxi Construction Engineering group. Tehnika ended 2018 with a loss of 240 million kunas.

Movie “General” is grey and boring

Jurica Pavičić, a movie critic in Jutarnji list, viewed one of the most expected films in modern Croatian history: “General”. It is a story about general Ante Gotovina who was one of the Croatian defence leaders during the aggression in 1991-1995. He was afterwards indicted by Hague Tribunal and run away. In the end, the Court acquitted him of guilt.

Pavičić in Jutarnji list:” If someone expected an emotionally intriguing biography about an equally intriguing man, he did not get it. If someone expected a war movie with a lot of shootings and wins, that is a very small part of the movie. Those who expected the caricatural trash, they got a little. Not because the movie about Gotovina is not trash - because it is most often. But because that trash does not become quite ridiculous at any time, it is mostly just a tedious miserable one”. Večernji list abstained from professional review.

Luka Gerlanc / CROPIX

Goran Višnjić, Croatian actor with career in US, is playing general Ante Gotovina