WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN CROATIA TODAY? Will there be Government reshuffle? No, Kuščević resigned.



Zagreb, 040719. Vlada.
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Na fotografiji: Andrej Plenkovic, Predsjednik Vlade Republike Hrvatske.
Foto: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

PM Andrej Plenković is under the strong pressure from coalition partner, right wing faction in party (HDZ) and public opinion to make bit political move. All of us are waiting.

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Public Administration Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) political secretary Lovro Kuscevic resigned from both posts on Monday, and Prime Minister and HDZ president Andrej Plenkovic told reporters after a marathon meeting in the party's headquarters that he had accepted Kuscevic's resignations.

Reconstruction of the government

Disappointment is growing in governing party (HDZ-EPP) because party president and prime minister Andrej Plenković does not act. Public opinion - and coalition partner HNS (RE) - are requesting public administration minister Lovro Kuščević (also political secretary of HDZ) to resign. He became famous by sentence: “Thanks God, I have so many real estates that I can not enumerate them”. Even Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković, good friend of Plenković, is dissatisfied with PM’s lack of action. Some in HDZ are saying that Plenković was counting to be elected on some position in Brussels and planning to leave government mess to somebody else.

He was in Poland last week and on today Croatia is waiting: what he will do? It is question of the day. Read more in Jutarnji list and Nino Đula’s commentary. Jutarnji list print edition on Monday predicts that Kuščević and HNS will leave government. Candidate for minister is Darko Nekić, state secretary in Ministry. Will we have a name of new minister of foreign affairs because Marija Pejčinović-Burić is elected Secretary General of Council of Europe. She starts new function on September 1st, and three months later Croatia starts EU presidency.

But Plenković has to be sure he has enough votes without HNS and not to rely only on party/mercy of Milan Bandić, mayor of Zagreb.

In Euractiv.hr/en we will cover development of that topic. Check it.


HDZ is losing support

CRO Demoskop poll published by RTL.hr, confirmed that HDZ is losing its support: it fell one percent compared to June and now has 25,5%. Scandals with minister Lovro Kuščević undoubtedly contributed to that trend. SDP is growing for third month in row and now is at 21,5%, one percent more that in June. Third political party in Croatia is List of Mislav Kolakušić with 7,1 % support. Human Shield and Most fell under 5% threshold.

RTL.hr / RTL.hr

On presidential elections polls published Dnevnik.hr: Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović (incumbent KGK) can count on 37,1 percent, Zoran Milanović (SDP) 31 and independent pop singer Miroslav Škoro 19,5 percent. In second round KGK beats boat of them.

Sinčić will reveal secrets of European Parliament

"We want to bring Brussels and Strasbourg-based European institutions closer to Croatian citizens and reveal to them and the media everything that has been kept secret from them, all the lobbying and agreements which Croatian members of the EP either did not want to or did not dare to inform you due to party discipline," said Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, leader of Human Shield opening a regional office of his party in Split. Hina

Slovenia and Croatia on ECJ

Today an oral hearing will be held at ECJ. Croatia will expose its objections regarding Court’s jurisdiction in the case Slovenia initiated against Croatia. Ljubljana claims that Croatia violated EU law when it reject implementation of decision of ad hoc Arbitrary court that made a judgement on border line between two EU members. Croatia contends that arbitration is compromised because of collusion of Slovenian officials and Slovenian judge. Euractiv.hr

Arbitration court / Arbitration court

Border line between Croatia and Slovenia according to Arbitration court

Failure of SEECP summit

Meeting of South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), which was planned for today and tomorrow in Sarajevo, is at brink of failure. Albania canceled participation expressing its solidarity with Kosovo, whose officials have previously rejected the call for participation, dissatisfied with the treatment they have received. BiH did not recognise Kosovo as a state. Members of SEECP are: Albania, BiH, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, Slovenia, Kosovo. Hina


Energia Naturalis can take over Luka Ploče

HANFA, Croatian financial services supervisory agency, has approved of the offer of the Energia Naturalis for the acquisition of Luka (port) Ploče close to border with BiH at a price of 412 HRK (Croatian kuna) per share. Energia Naturalis (ENNA) is a holding company that owns 20 companies, best known of them is PPD group (First Gas Company).

More in today’s print edition of Jutarnji list.


Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute head warns of resistance to changes in energy sector

Goran Granić, head of the Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, warned that there was continued resistance to changes in the energy sector and that the new energy strategy was lukewarm. Over the next 30 years the energy sector will undergo huge changes, and the new energy strategy does not envisage "brave steps" to get out of the present situation, Granić said. He said that most of the present problems stemmed from the inertia of the Croatian society and that energy was just another sector that reflected such inertia. Hina

Croatia in shock because of child molestation

Father left a girl in car for two hours during the high noon heat. Doctors are still fighting for her life in Rijeka hospital. Two years old boy came to Zagreb children hospital with obvious signs of molestation: malnutrition, several injuries and burns caused by cigarettes. Jutarnji list

Drug smuggling ring busted

Zagreb County Court investigating judge Zoran Luburić on Saturday evening decided that 15 persons arrested on Friday for conspiring to smuggle at least 15.7 tonnes of marijuana into Croatia will remain in custody. They are part of a group of 20 people suspected of having smuggled at least 15.7 tonnes of marijuana into Croatia in the last three years, making at least €11 million. The other five suspects are already in investigative custody or serving their prison terms. All the persons arrested are Croatian nationals and one also hold the citizenship of Bosnia and Herzegovina. More on the operation in Jutarnji list.

Boris Kovačev, Marko Todorov, Željko Puhovski / jutarnji.hr


Tesla&friends event to be held in Zagreb on July 9-11

The 10th edition of the Tesla&friends event will be held in Zagreb on July 9-11 to mark the 163rd anniversary of the birth of the world-famous Croatian-born scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla. The three-day event will also mark the national Day of Nikola Tesla – Day of Science, Technology and Innovation in honour of the great scientist. Hina

Dubrovnik's Red History Museum has become a must-see place

The Red History Museum, the newest museum in Dubrovnik, has in a short time become an unavoidable cultural place to visit in that southern city. One of Dubrovnik's 19 museums, the Red History Museum was opened in April this year and its permanent exhibition describes everyday life in communist Yugoslavia. Visitors to the popular international travel website TripAdvisor recommend it as one of the three museums and one of the first ten places in Dubrovnik to visit. Hina

Goran Ivanišević left Novak Đoković

Former Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanišević abruptly left team of Novak Đoković although they agreed cooperation day before tournament. It is not clear is it breaking of cooperation of Ivanišević had some other commitments More on 100 posto.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 30: Novak Djokovic of Serbia (L) speaks with Goran Ivanisevic during a practice session ahead of The Championships - Wimbledon 2019 at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on June 30, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images)
Clive Brunskill / Getty Images