Biographies of new ministers; who are the people that have been chosen in historic reshuffle




Josip Aladrović, Vesna Bedeković, Gordan Grlić Radman, Marija Vučković i Mario Banožić

PM Andrej Plenković on Wednesday brought in six new ministers in the biggest cabinet reshuffle in history.

Hina has published biographies of the new government officials: Minister for Demography, Family, Youth and Social policy, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Labour and Pension System, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and Minister of State Property.

Vesna Bedeković, the new Minister for Demography, Family, Youth and Social policy set to replace outgoing minister Nada Murganić, has been a parliamentary representative of HDZ since 2016. Born 22 February 1966 in Bjelovar, she graduated from the Osijek Pedagogical Faculty and earned her PhD in social sciences in the field of pedagogy at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy. Bedeković was chairman of the Education, Science and Culture Committee of the Parliament.

Marija Vučković will chair the Ministry of Agriculture, where she has until now held the post of Secretary of State. She was born 3 July 1974 in Ploče and graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Economics. She gained work experience in Luka Ploče (Port of Ploče), the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County as deputy prefect. In the previous Government cabinet, she served as Assistant Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds.

Josip Aladrović is set to lead the Ministry of Labour and Pension System, replacing Marko Pavić who is leaving to the post of Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds. From April 2017, Aladrović was the Director of the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute. He is originally from Pleternica, and his father Marijan Aladrović was a former HDZ prefect of the Požega-Slavonija County.

Goran Grlić Radman, who will replace Marija Pejčinović Burić as Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, is a Croatian diplomat and former ambassador to Germany. He was born 6 June 1958. His diplomatic career began in the early 90s, and his diplomatic experience began in Sofia and Budapest embassies.

Mario Banožić will succeed Goran Marić as Minister of State Property. He was born in 1979 in Vinkovci, where he completed elementary and high school, after which he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics in Osijek, and after obtaining a marketing and management diploma at the Osijek Faculty of Economics, he completed a master’s degree and a PhD degree in management in 2013. He worked in several Vinkovci companies, in 2009 he became the head of the Department of Tourism and Culture, and in 2010 he served as Assistant Head of the Administrative Department for Regional Development and International Cooperation of the Vukovar-Srijem County.

It was announced earlier that the Minister of Administration Lovro Kuščević would be replaced by Ivan Malenica, Dean of the Šibenik University of Applied Sciences. He was bornin 1985 in Šibenik and graduated from the Faculty of Law in Split. He was employed at the University of Applied Sciences in Šibenik in 2009, first as an assistant, then as a lecturer in Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law, as well as a senior lecturer in the same courses. He was appointed Dean of the Šibenik University of Applied Sciences in October 2017.

(Translated by Mia Lui)

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