After submitting and stealing his resignation, Živi zid MP Bunjac will stay in the Sabor



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Prvi kongres Zivog zida, na kojem je predsjednik stranke Ivan Vilibor Sincic predstavio program i strucni kadar koji stoji iza programa stranke.
Na fotografiji: Branimir Bunjac, Ivan Vilibor Sincic, predsjednik Zivog zida, Vladimira Palfi i Ivan Pernar, zastupnik Zivog zida.
Foto: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

Conflict - fight over distribution of seats broke out in the third largest party.

The informed say that Branimir Bunjac would be happy if he could be an independent MP as he believes that he is most deserving for the party's popularity

Just two weeks ago, it seemed like relations between Živi zid members were idyllic. Branimir Bunjac was to replace party vice president Vladimira Palfi, Živi zid president Ivan Vilibor Sinčić's wife, in the Sabor for two years according to their original agreement. He posted an ode to his party colleague on Facebook on 14 October with a photograph of them embracing each other.

He reminded that "the first half of the Government's term expired today and I should return to my old post tomorrow, but Vladimira decided that I will remain in the Sabor until further notice. It is difficult to find such honest and generous people."

Document went missing

Then chaos broke out in the Sabor on Monday - after voices were raised in Živi zid caucus, Bunjac presented the Credentials and Privileges Commission with his resignation. Just two hours later there was a twist - he withdrew the resignation. Rumors about the resignation and passing the torch to Vladimira Palfi soon spread through the Sabor. When the press tried to verify the news with Bunjac, he refuted it at first. He claimed that the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is spreading lies with the aim of harming the Živi zid and asked reporters: Do the people making those claims have the document to prove I resigned?"

There was no document and we would learn why the next day - because Branimir Bunjac stole it! When Sabor authorities warned him to return it, as we have learned from unnamed sources, he said: "I will not give it!"

Chairman of the Credentials and Privileges Commission Žarko Tušek confirmed that Bunjac submitted his resignation and later withdrew it.

"Since Speaker of the Sabor signed the resignation, secretaries explained to Bunjac that he has to submit a new statement to withdraw his resignation. He asked for the file to make sure he gets the reference number right. He returned several minutes later with a new statement, but without the old one, which is unusual as the old statement does not hold weight, but has to be archived to accurately show the sequence of events, said Tušek and called on Bunjac to return the file.

What lead to this twist? Especially considering that Sinčić decidedly told a HINA reporter more than one month ago that "there would be no changes until further notice," when she asked him whether we can expect his wife to come to Sabor.

Low wage

Unnamed sources close to Živi zid claim that Palfi changed her mind in the meantime for pragmatic reasons: she is employed at the party with wage of HRK 5,700, while Ivan Vilibor Sinčić earns 16,000 as Sabor MP, but the family is building a house, which is expensive. Sources told us that Palfi is concerned about her political career as she remained invisible to the public despite winning the term, adding that she concluded she has to consummate her term.

Bunjac, who worked as a history teacher in Podturen elementary school before becoming MP, now earns HRK 14,765.58, and he was taken aback by Palfi's statement.

"Bunjac does not want to withdraw, but he would be happiest if he could become an independent MP. He believes that he is the most deserving for growth of popularity of the party and that he appears most serious of Živi zid's three MPs. Palfi changing her mind discombobulated him and he reacted impulsively, filing his resignation. He believes that it would be best for him to break off and develop his political career as an independent. However, he is in stalemate - best MP, but would not have gotten his term without her," revealed an unnamed source close to Živi zid for JUTARNJI LIST. The second source claims that Sinčić is afraid of how Živi zid members will react and their wrath over replacing "the best MP." The source described the situation in the party:

"There is always commotion around Vladimira. Živi zid is present in the Sabor, but in the field it is facing serious problems, with some chapters in disarray or dissolving, while relations between the married couple at the helm of the party are strangling the party when it should be growing and developing. Sinčić fears that all flaws will become apparent at EP elections."


The three explained disappearance of the statement with technical problems and misunderstandings, promising to return it. They said that Bunjac wrote the resignation for "honorable reasons, wanting to formally allow Živi zid vice president to take over her term." "However, I decided as party president that there will be no reshuffle as Bunjac is doing an excellent job in the Sabor, just as vice president Vladimira Palfi is doing an excellent job as marketing expert in the party," said Sinčić.

Bunjac claimed that his statement was returned in the Sabor as if he did not write it, rather than borrowed, accused Tušek of lying and the Credentials and Privileges Commission of being disorganized. Vladimira Palfi claims that she did not ask for her term back and added that she does not want it back because she has two small children and could not do remotely as good a job as Bunjac does.

Chairman of the Credentials and Privileges Commission Žarko Tušek confirmed that Bunjac submitted his resignation and later withdrew it. Unnamed sources revealed that he told the officials who asked him to return it "I will not give it!".

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