HDZ unveils its election platform "Safe Croatia"



Zagreb, 090620. Try zrtava fasizma 4.
Predsjednik Vlade i HDZ-a Andrej Plenkovic predstavio je program Hrvatske demokratske zajednice za izbore za Hrvatski sabor 2020.
Na fotografiji: Andrej Plenkovic.
Foto: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

PM Andrej Plenkovic presented the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) five-chapter platform for the 5 July parliamentary elections

The ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Tuesday presented its five-chapter platform for the 5 July parliamentary elections, with an emphasis put on higher wages, creation of 100,000 more jobs, downsizinng ministries and reducing taxes.

Unveiling the five-chapter document, Prime Minister and HDZ leader Andrej Plenkovic said that "the message of a safe Croatia means a safe future".

"If we win trust of or citizens for the next four years, as a sort of second half, it will means a safe Croatia  in the sense of safe jobs," Plenkovic said.

He recalled positive achievements of his cabinet in the past three and a half years including an increase of the minimum wage by net 754 kuna (approximately by 100 euros) and an increase of the average wage by HRK 1,150 kuna, as well as higher pensions by 12%.

The five planks of the 100-page document are about social security, a promising future, economic sovereignty, strengthened statehood, and Croatia's global recognisability.

More investments in healthcare system

The social security chapter envisages an investment of three billion kuna in the public healthcare system, the digitisation of that sector and shorter waiting lists for medical examinations, the construction of a national children's university hospital centre, the revitalisation of the Institute of Immunology in Zagreb and national plans for the fights against cancers.

The document envisages the creation of conditions for increasing the average monthly wage to HRK 7,600 (approximately 1,000 euros) and minimum wage by 1,000 kuna to HRK 4,250 (€560).

The HDZ promises investing 10 billion kuna in job creation measures, which is expected to result in the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

The party promises a 10% increase in pensions, and a plan to raise the accommodation capacities for 1,500 more beneficiaries in senior homes run by the state.

Monthly allowances for those in need should be risen from the current 800 kuna to 1,500.

The income tax is to be reduced from 36% to 30% in one bracket and from 24% to 20%.

The promising future chapter envisages a rise of investment in R&D from the current 1% of GDP to 1.4% and to 2.5% until the end of the next four-year term.

 Also, 2-percent tax on profit will be reduced to 10% for 93% of businesses.

The HDZ envisages the allocation of the 130,000 kuna for youth self-employment.

The document includes plans for a balanced development of Croatian regions, notably in the hilly and mountainous regions and islands.

 Economic sovereignty

The HDZ has made plans for raising the agricultural production by 30%, and encouraging young people to be employed in the farm sector.  Also, about a score of fishing ports are to be built.

Strengthened statehood

The HDZ promises further digistisation as well as the further empowerment of the agencies engaged in countering corruption and organised crime.

A functional merger and better connectivity of municipalities, downsizing the ministries and the enhancement of the work of the national parliament are foreseen in the document.

Plenkovic pledged more funds for the post-quake reconstruction of Zagreb and its environs.

Croatia's global recognisability

Some of the targets cited in the document are Croatia's entry into the Schengen Area, membership of the euro area and providing the Croatian armed forces and police with modern equipment.

"This is the platform of the team that has gained the experience in managing Croatia," the premier said. at the presentation of the document.

(€ 1 = HRK 7.569360)