IDS MEP Jakovcic will not run in next EP elections, to avoid being a burden to his party



Pula, 290618. Baletna predstava HNK u Zagrebu Gospoda Glembajevi izvedena je u pulskom kompleksu Katarina Monumenti na otocicu Katarina, a sav prihod od kupljenih ulaznica namijenjen je nabavci triju medicinskih uredaja za pedijatrijski odjel Opce bolnice Pula. Na fotografiji: Ivan Jakovcic.
Foto: Danijel Bartolic / CROPIX
Danijel Bartolic / CROPIX

IDS honorary president and MEP Ivan Jakovčić

Honorary Istrian Democratic Party president and MEP Jakovčić decided not to run again for position in the European Parliament, after finding himself in the limelight concerning his business relations with failing Uljanik shipyard investor Danko Končar.

Member of the European Parliament Ivan Jakovčić of the Istrian Democratic Party (IDS) on Friday said that due to his role in recent developments concerning the ailing Uljanik shipyard, he would not run in the next European elections.

"Even though all the accusations against me are totally senseless, an ugly atmosphere has been created that could damage the IDS. For that reason, I won't run in the coming European elections," Jakovcic said in a press release.

He said  that "due to the new circumstances occurring over the past few weeks, even though they are undoubtedly orchestrated, I do not wish to be a burden to the IDS, the most successful regional party in all of Europe, to which I have dedicated a big part of my life."

Looking for "best candidate"

"I am convinced that the IDS will find the best candidate who will continue this exceptionally important job with the same dedication and the same success that I have," the press release said.

He recalled that in December last year he had informed the party's secretary-general and the president of the Council that he had no ambition to once again running for a seat in the European Parliament. "This is a duty that, if done in an exemplary way, demands an unbelievable amount of energy. On the other hand, I believe that I have achieved a lot more during my term than I first expected," he added.

"Even though all the accusations against me are totally senseless ... I do not wish to be a burden to the IDS," Jakovčić said.


Nevertheless, Jakovcic underscored that the party's presidency believed that "as the most productive of all 751 MEPs, who managed to realise numerous initiatives and scored several important victories, I am a strong and ideal candidate for another term in the European Parliament."

"I accepted that responsibility toward my party and was ready for my possible candidacy," Jakovcic said.

Coalition partners leaving

The Pametno party said today that it was leaving the Amsterdam Coalition which it had formed with with the Civil Liberal Alliance (GLAS) and IDS. Pametno stated that it finds it unacceptable that Jakovcic received payments from the company owned by businessman Danko Koncar, who is a potential strategic partner in the Uljanik Group in Pula, claiming this was direct conflict of interest.