If there is any sense in the SDP, Milanović will be our presidential candidate



Zagreb, 120516.
Predsjednik SDP-a Zoran Milanovic odrzao je u sjedistu stranke na Iblerovom trgu konferenciju za medije povodom aktualnog stanja u zemlji.
Foto: Dragan Matic / CROPIX
Dragan Matic / CROPIX

Zoran Milanović

Speculations that former Social Democratic Party (SDP) head could run for President are becoming more common, while sources close to him say that he has not decided yet.

-Almost all presidential candidates currently mentioned with the exception of Ivan Vilibor Sinčić would be far better than Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović. However, Zoran Milanović, with experience as Prime Minister, would be far more. Not only would he be a good candidate, but is currently the favorite - said Peđa Grbin and noted that, if Milanović decides to run, it would be completely wrong if he did not run as SDP's candidate.

Speculations that former Prime Minister and SDP president could run for President are becoming more common, but Milanović is not commenting. Unnamed sources close to Milanović revealed that he has not decided whether to run or not. If he decides to run, he could do so as an independent candidate, SDP's candidate or a candidate of the left and center-left.

United opposition

-If there is any sense in the SDP today, Milanović will be our candidate - said Peđa Grbin.

Peasants' Party (HSS) president Krešo Beljak said on several occasions that Milanović should run for President. -It is high time for parties from the center to the left - the HSS, the Istrian Democratic Congress (IDS), the Pensioners' Party (HSU), the GLAS and the SDP - to meet and discuss their joint candidate for President of Croatia.

Losing policies

We have learned that Beljak talked about this with SDP president Davor Bernardić, who did not reveal his position or give feedback. Bernardić did not reject Beljak's idea, but it is clear that Zoran Milanović is the last person Bernardić would support personally.

However, an unnamed source - one of Milanović's closest associates - revealed that the idea of supporting Milanović as the party's presidential candidate should be considered, especially since SDP's rating dropped to 14.6%. The source pointed out that Milanović has political experience, energy, name and passion. If he won against President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović as SDP's candidate, it would improve the party's rating. If he lost, it would present another argument for Bernardić that his predecessor, rather than he, implemented losing policies.