Jandrokovic: Parliament's greatest achievement Lex Agrokor and political stability



Zagreb, 180520.
Konferencija za medije predsjednika Hrvatskog sabora Gordana Jandrokovica u Hrvatskom saboru.
Foto: Boris Kovacev / CROPIX
Boris Kovacev / CROPIX

Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic

Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic said after the parliament's dissolution that its greatest achievement was the adoption of Lex Agrokor and political stability while he refuted that this was the worst parliament ever although he can understand the poor perception due to the street talk by some MPs.

"I consider that the most important achievement of this parliament was the adoption of the Law on Emergency Administration, dubbed Lex Agrokor which saved tens of thousands of jobs, the food and agricultural industries and it was very important for the parliament to react at that time," Jandrokovic told a press conference presenting a brief summery of the work of the ninth 151-seat legislature.

The second essential situation, he underscored, occurred after the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic and the earthquake in Zagreb when we continued working in very demanding circumstances and adopted the Law on the System of Civil Protection which was important to ensure the functioning of the national response team as well as the Law on the protection of the population against communicable diseases which defined the measures by which Croatia achieved truly extraordinary results, he added.

Commenting on the protest by the opposition in Zagreb because the law on the post-quake reconstruction of Zagreb was not adopted, Jandrokovic rejected the objections about the failure to do everything that could have been done.

"The  government sent the bill on Zagreb's reconstruction into procedure. It is a complex and demanding bill and it needs to be just, efficient and prepared to the last detail," he said.

We are aware that more time is needed to prepare that law. The government adopted a decision to allocate HRK 141 million to help those affected by the earthquake to repair roofs, chimneys, gable walls, boilers. A decision was adopted that will secure and pay for accommodation for all those who cannot return to their homes, he explained.

As far as the protest outside Parliament House is concerned, Jandrokovic described it as a typical political protest aimed at exploiting this situation to gain visibility and to use this ahead of the parliamentary election.

Commenting on objections that this was the worst parliament ever, Jandrokovic said that the parliament had done its duty to adopt very important laws, decisions and strategies and based on that criteria he would not give it a poor mark as perhaps the perception is.

However, he added, the perception is such because of absolutely inappropriate conduct by some MPs, insults, hate talk, lies about certain members which created an atmosphere that is not good or appropriate for parliament.

That was no longer just an incident but became the every day routine, he added saying that some lawmakers used street talk which people detest.

Some lawmakers started using insults and defamation as the most normal tool for their political activities and work in the parliament, he assessed.

The other reason for the poor mark is that some members did not regularly attend sittings, he added.