Parl. speaker says decision on dissolution of parliament possible next week



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Na fotografiji: Gordan Jandrokovic.
Foto: Damjan Tadic / CROPIX
Damjan Tadic / CROPIX

Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic

Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandrokovic said on Wednesday that a decision to dissolve the parliament had not been made yet but he did not rule out the possibility that this could happen next week.

"We have been discussing the matter and will discuss it also with our coalition partners, after which we will make a decision. We will make it when we decide that epidemiological conditions are such that elections can be held. The figures are good now, Croatia has successfully curbed the epidemic and conditions are being created to hold parliamentary elections," Jandrokovic told Nova TV.

Asked if the parliament could be dissolved next week, he answered affirmatively.

Decision on parliament's dissolution to be made very soon

"That is possible but I still cannot say when exactly because we still have not made that decision," he said, adding that the decision would be made very soon.

Jandrokovic said that the government was not rushing into elections and that constitutional deadlines were being respected.

"This is an election year, whether elections will be held in July, August or September, any option is legitimate. But in September and in the autumn we have to make a number of important decisions and it is very important that the new government has renewed democratic legitimacy in order to be able to deal with the challenges," he said.

He said that parties with which his party could possibly form a coalition after the elections had to meet certain criteria.

"The first criterion is their election result... followed by how similar our world views are, and the wish and ability to assume responsibility for running the country," Jandrokovic said, noting that at the moment he did not see any possibility of cooperation with the Bridge party.