Plenkovic: HDZ is going after election victory with Safe Croatia platform



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Predsjednik Vlade i HDZ-a Andrej Plenkovic predstavio je program Hrvatske demokratske zajednice za izbore za Hrvatski sabor 2020.
Na fotografiji: Andrej Plenkovic.
Foto: Goran Mehkek / CROPIX
Goran Mehkek / CROPIX

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president and PM Andrej Plenkovic

Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) president Andrej Plenkovic said on Tuesday, after submitting slates to the Electoral Commission, that the party was going after victory in the July 5 parliamentary election.

"We are going after victory in this election with the Safe Croatia platform, which is based on our government's achievements. We believe we fulfilled numerous election promises from 2016, we dealt with a large number of crises, notably the last one, the biggest crisis, a pandemic," he told reporters.

He said the measures adopted during the coronavirus epidemic had been timely and that they protected citizens' health, and that the government's bailout measures helped to retain 550,000 jobs.

"This campaign will be a chance to present a vision of Croatia and of transformation in many areas. Therefore, besides strengthened statehood, which is a key message of this HDZ campaign, the messages are that state institutions have shown that they work well when citizens need it the most."

Plenkovic said they stood behind citizens and that they were striving for economic sovereignty, which meant self-sufficiency in agriculture and many other sectors.

In that way, we will facilitate stronger economic growth and, with the concept of modern sovereignism which, thanks to Croatia's strong international standing, notably in EU institutions, enables us to utilise the funds that will be available in the next seven years for swift economic recovery and growth, we are pursuing our two goals, joining the Schengen and euro areas, he said.

Asked why not one HDZ slate consisted of at least 40% of women, which is a legal obligation, Plenkovic said they regretted it but that making lists of candidates in such a big party was never easy. He reiterated that HDZ women held high positions in European institutions as well as Croatia's government and parliament.

He went on to say that the HDZ's value system was based on state-building, the people and Christian democracy, and that its general platform reflected that.

"In drawing up the new retail bill, we have sent a message on non-working Sundays with exceptions due to the fact that Croatia is a tourist country, we have put centre stage the family, family values and the possibility that families spend Sundays together as much as possible. That's the goal in line with our value system and it won't disrupt economic and financial processes," Plenkovic said, commenting on today's election message by the Croatian Bishops Conference.

He said the HDZ was not doing that to come closer to the right and the Church but because it reflected the party's views.

Plenkovic said the HDZ would try to win as many seats in parliament as possible. "Our main allies are Croatian citizens."

Asked about Homeland Movement Miroslav Skoro's statement that he could guarantee that Plenkovic would no longer be prime minister, he said Skoro would certainly not be prime minister.

Asked if Skoro would be part of his government, he said the HDZ was going after victory.

Asked if Bridge was a possible partner or if a grand coalition with the SDP was possible, Plenkovic reiterated that the HDZ would win.

The HDZ is running in the election independently and in some constituencies with the Social Liberals, the Croatian Christian Democratic Party, and independent candidate Marijana Petir.