SDP chief says won't rerun for party presidency



Zagreb, 060720.
Iblerov trg.
Davor Bernardic dao izjavu nakon sjednice Predsjednistva stranke.
Na fotografiji: Davor Bernardic.
Foto: Marko Todorov / CROPIX
Marko Todorov / CROPIX

Social Democratic Party leader Davor Bernardic said on Monday that after the SDP-led RESTART coalition was convincingly beaten in Sunday's parliamentary election, intraparty elections would be called but he would not run in them and vice-president Zlatko Komadina would be leading the SDP until then.

"There is a high degree of responsibility for the election result on the SDP's part. The Presidency has therefore decided that we will call intraparty elections as soon as possible," Bernardic told a news conference after a meeting of the party leadership.

"We are aware of our responsibility, we are not running away from it. I will no longer run for party leader, and in this transitional period until the intraparty elections, the party will be run by Zlatko Komadina," said Bernardic.