Croatia supports multilateralism although it's not perfect



Zagreb, 260719.
Ministarstvo Vanjskih i Europskih poslova.
Na fotografiji: Gordan Grlic Radman, prva press konferencija novog ministra.
Foto: Biljana Blivajs / CROPIX
Biljana Blivajs / CROPIX

Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic Radman

Croatia on Monday supported multilateralism in talks between European foreign ministers and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as it brings "stability, predictability and justice."

President Donald Trump withdrew the US from many global agreements, from the Paris climate agreement to the Iran nuclear deal. He also suspended relations with the World Health Organisation, believing that it is controlled by China.

EU foreign ministers and Pompeo discussed via video link the relations with China, the situation in the Middle East and transatlantic relations.

"The question of multilateralism is important for Croatia as stability, predictability and justice stem from it, which is very important for states and nations," Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic Radman told reporters.

Without naming any, he said the activity of many international organisations was not perfect but that without them the world would be more unstable.

"Transatlantic cooperation brings many advantages which surpass different views on some issues on both sides of the Atlantic," said Grlic Radman.

He underlined the importance of reaching a solution for the Middle East issue and the importance of an open diplomatic channel with the US in that process.

Speaking of the Western Balkans, he said the EU and the US should take a uniform stand of support for necessary reforms in Southeast European states as well as for the evaluation of those efforts and successes.