PM: Number of counties remains the same, municipality reform possible



Rijeka, 210520.
Lukobran Mololongo.
Premijer Andrej Plenkovic nakon obilaska polarnok kruzera, Scenic Eclipse dao izjave za medije.
Na fotografiji: Andrej Plenkovic daje izjave..
Foto: Matija Djanjesic / CROPIX
Matija Djanjesic / CROPIX

PM Andrej Plenkovic

Prime Minister and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) leader, Andrej Plenkovic, stated on Thursday that the HDZ had a very clear position on the number of counties remaining the same, but that the party discussed models of municipality reforms.

"Counties constitute the modern and contemporary Croatia. They have been with us since 1993, and they have 27 years of tradition. The HDZ, which had 13 out of 20 county heads in the last local election, has a very clear position in favour of keeping the counties. There is no question about it, and the subject was never under question," Plenkovic said after a cabinet meeting, when journalists asked him why the HDZ thought that a small country such as Croatia still needed 20 counties and the City of Zagreb.

As for municipalities, he pointed out that the subject was discussed at the HDZ National Council, where Public Administration Minister Ivan Malenica proposed various models of reforms at the municipality level. One of the ideas is decreasing the number of local officials at the 2021 local election.

"We understand the problem, and we will go and solve it," he stated.

As for the question of whether he could imagine a government consisting of the HDZ, the Homeland Movement party leader Miroslav Skoro, Ivan Penava, who has just left the HDZ, and ethnic Serb leader Milorad Pupovac, for the sake of stability, the PM said it was still early to predict who will make up the future parliamentary majority.

Plenkovic thinks that citizens, and especially entrepreneurs, will recognise that the HDZ-led government had ensured political stability and predictability. He recalled that it was the key of their political message in 2016, and brought forth all the accomplishments of his government. The PM added that they were running for the next parliamentary election at a moment when they had rounded off all that was important and all they had dealt with during their time in office.

The next parliamentary majority will be formed after Croatian citizens decide to whom they will give their vote of confidence, the PM said, adding that the citizens have a choice - to watch this government's protagonists, who had done consistent work in points which improved the quality of life, or to watch those who have no credibility.

Plenkovic said that he was not ready to form a coalition with everyone, and that the HDZ would, when it was in such a position, form a government with partners similar to them in their worldview and programme, adding that those were the two elements that had always guided the party.

As for the comment that the Croatian People's Party (HNS) was not similar in their worldview to this government, Plenkovic stated that they had found common points from their agendas.