Constitutional Court dismisses motions by two referendum initiatives



Zagreb, 130518.
Zagrebacka Katedrala, Kaptol.
Pocelo prikupljanje potpisa za referendum o Istanbulskoj konvenciji.
Na fotografiji: Prikupljanje potpisa.
Foto: Damjan Tadic / CROPIX
Damjan Tadic / CROPIX

Gathering signatures for referendum against Istanbul convention in front of Zagreb Cathedral on Kaptol in May 2018.

The Constitutional Court has dismissed motions by the referendum initiatives "The Truth about the Istanbul Convention" and "The People Decide", the court said on its website on Monday.

The motions were rejected in two separate rulings in late December 2018. The rulings were adopted by a majority of votes with one dissenting opinion.

The two civil society groups asked the court to declare the verification of signatures gathered for their referendum petitions null and void.

The Truth about the Istanbul Convention had launched a signature gathering campaign for a referendum to abrogate the ratification of the Istanbul Convention by Parliament, while the People Decide initiative had called for a referendum to change the electoral system.

The Public Administration Ministry found that neither group had gathered enough signatures for their referendum petitions as many of the signatures were declared invalid.