Minister says Croatia in final stage of process of joining US Visa Waiver Programme



Zagreb, 290620
MUP, ministar unutarnjih poslova Davor Bozinovic i veleposlanik Sjedinjenih Americkih Drzava u RH Robert Kohorst potpisali su bilateralni Sporazum o suradnji za jacanje zrakoplovne sigurnosti izmedju SAD i RH.
Na fotografiji: Davor Bozinovic, Robert Kohorst.
Foto: Bruno Konjevic / CROPIX
Bruno Konjevic / CROPIX

US Ambassador Robert Kohorst and Minister of the Interior Davor Bozinovic

     Croatia is in the final phase of entering the USA's Visa Waiver Programme and despite COVID-19 it has not put its foreign policy priorities on hold, Minister of the Interior Davor Bozinovic said on Monday.

"Despite the crisis caused by COVID-19, we have not neglected a single foreign policy priority," Bozinovic said after the signing of a Croatia-USA agreement on cooperation for stronger aviation safety.

Bozinovic recalled agreements signed between Croatia and various agencies, including the FBI and the DIA, which, he said, "now really makes it possible for us to say that we are embarking on the final stage" of the process of entering the Visa Waiver Programme.

US Ambassador Robert Kohorst said both governments had been working on that goal with great commitment, noting that he was thrilled because, despite COVID-19 and all the problems, the two sides had managed to work together on their partnership and had made a big step towards Croatia's entry into the Visa Waiver Programme.

Kohorst added that Croatia's entry, planned for the end of this year, could be postponed for a few months due to the health crisis but that they would do their best to honour the initial deadline.

The agreement on cooperation for stronger aviation safety between the USA and Croatia is a step towards visa-free travel to the USA for Croatian citizens.

Of the EU member-states, only nationals of Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus cannot enter the USA without a visa.