Opposition calling for Defense Minister's resignation over failed fighter jet tender



Zagreb, 090218.
Sredfisnjica SDP-a.
Izjava predsjednika SDP-a Davora Bernardica nakon sjednice Predsjednistva stranke. Na fotografiji: Davor Bernardic.
Foto: Marko Todorov / CROPIX
Marko Todorov / CROPIX

Davor Bernardić

Opposition leader Bernardić on Tuesday said that Defence Minister Damir Krstičević should promptly resign due to "the lies and delusions disseminated in the public about the failed acquisition of fighter jets".

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) leader Davor Bernardić thinks that an email that leaked in the media about U.S. embassy having warned the Croatian Defence Ministry in December 2017 that Israel had not obtained approval for the transfer of technology to the third party shows the minister's responsibility for the failed deal.

"Resignation due to lies and delusions disseminated by (Prime Minister) Andrej Plenković and Damir Krstičević should be done for moral reasons," said Bernardić.

It is true that morality and responsibility cannot go together in the same sentence with the HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union). However, we expect common sense to prevail and the prime minister to take a responsible move, said the leader of the strongest Opposition party

In the event that Krstičević does not offer his resignation, the SDP is going to launch the parliamentary procedure for his dismissal, and Bernardic hopes that the Opposition parties will join his party in this effort.

He accused the government of trying to reduce the damage and the disgrace in this scandal in a ridiculous way.

The SDP chief referred to the government's decision on Monday to annul its previous tender for the delivery of multipurpose combat aircraft and to define a new model for the procurement of fighter jets for the Armed Forces.

SDP parliamentarian Franko Vidović said that nine months before he already raised the question why the government had opted for acquiring 12 used fighter jets instead of buying 6 new ones.