Parliamentary Committee finds no abuse of intelligence agencies in case of President's adviser Radeljić



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Zupanijski sud, Zrinjevac.
Mate Radeljic, savjetnik predsjednice RH svjedoci protiv Nade Cavlovic Smiljanac.
Foto: Ranko Suvar / CROPIX
Ranko Šuvar / HANZA MEDIA

Mate Radeljić

On Tuesday, the Parliamentary Domestic Policy and National Security Committee concluded - at a session closed to public and the media - that there was no abuse in the conduct of the Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA) towards Mate Radeljić, former adviser to President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović.

- At the session, at which all members were present, the Committee accepted the report on the monitoring conducted at the Office of the National Security Council and acknowledged the SOA statement on the matter, with two opposing votes - said Committee chairman Ranko Ostojić [affiliated with the Social Democratic Party (SDP)] after the session. - We did not find any abuse.

As Ostojić said, as far as the Committee is concerned, the Radeljić case is closed. However, Radeljić himself was neither invited to the session, nor asked for a deposition. Ostojić said that Radeljić could not be invited to the session. The authority of the Committee is prescribed by law, he said.


- We have the right to oversee the SOA, but not the right to be an investigative commission. If he felt some one was threatening him, Radeljić should have alerted the Office of the State Attorney (DORH). If he has belatedly come to the conclusion, there is no reason for him not to [talk to the DORH] now - said Ostojić, adding that Radeljić had at no point contacted either the Committee or the Council for Civilian Oversight of Security and Intelligence Agencies.

The Committee has dealt with the Radeljić case because of suspicion of possible abuse of SOA prerogatives, he said. Asked whether SOA had confirmed the meeting with [of one of its officials with] Radeljić before the latter's dismissal [from the post of President's adviser], Ostojić said it was evident that there had been several such meetings.

Committee members who voted against the conclusion were Ines Strenja Linić of the Most party and Branimir Bunjac of the Živi zid party.

- The SDP supported the HDZ in accepting the report - said Bunjac - which is no surprise, given that they have long been in some kind of informal coalition.

Not invited

For the N1 TV channel Radeljić commented that he had not been invited because [the Committee] was afraid of what he was going to say. The Committee did not even ask for a deposition in writing, either. - The session was a farce; they all cover each other's backs - he said. According to him, Ostojić had condemned him ahead of the time, covering for Davor Franić, who had worked at the SOA on the same post during Ostojić's term of office [as the Minister of Interior]. - The National Security Council (VNS) is run by Maja Čavlović, who was the President's national security adviser - said Radeljić.