Todorić will have to clean his cell and spend up to HRK 170 per day



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Cherie Blair, Ivica Todorić i Jadranka Sloković

Agrokor founder has a cellmate in jail. Inmates are allowed to communicate with private visitors, but only through glass.

-Wakeup call in Remetinec prison in Zagreb is at 7 a.m., followed by time for personal hygiene and breakfast delivered to cell - said former head of the Prison System Administration Miroslav Mihoci and added that inmates have to clean the areas where they spend time as there are no cleaners.

It is interesting to note that they may spend up to HRK 170 per day, which is the average daily wage in Croatia. The money is deposited on accounts and inmates are allowed to spend it on food or items from the prison mess hall.

-It is also possible to order some special food. For instance, if an inmate wants to eat sarma, it can be prepared in the mess hall and inmates are charged for supplies, service and spent energy - said Mihoci. While the former head of the Prison System Administration originally predicted that Todorić will be alone in his cell on the first night, he noted this did not happen as he was put in a cell with a cellmate and added that the only thing he knows about the cellmate is that he is middle-aged.

Physical examination

I do not know why his cellmate is in prison for, but regulations require inmates to be placed in cells in a way that they will not be abused or attacked, irrespective of who they are - said Mihoci.

After breakfast, inmates engage in daily activities including visits, consultations with attorneys and physical examinations. For instance, Todorić was to be entered in the register of people in detention. After that, he will see a physician and a psychiatrist. If they determine he requires professional care, the inmate is moved to the prison hospital. However, if that is not sufficient, the inmate can be moved to a different hospital.

As far as visits go, inmates are allowed to receive visitors six times each month, noted Mihoci. Visits can last between 15 minutes and one hour with special approval. However, attorneys can come to prison in the morning as well and are allowed to stay as long as needed.

Supervised visits

Unlike meetings with attorneys, which guards do not listen to, communication with private visitors is supervised by the guard standing next to the inmate during the visit. Inmates are allowed to communicate with private visitors through glass, without physical contact. Special rooms are reserved for attorneys, which guards supervise only visually as they do not listen to or record audio. On working mornings, around noon, inmates get lunch in their cells and are allowed to spend two hours in the open with other inmates. They are allowed to socialize, read and smoke as well, and they are allowed to smoke in their cells, with care taken not to put smokers and non-smokers together in cells.

Former head of the Prison System Administration Mihoci added that healthy inmates receive three meals each day with a total of at least 3,000 calories, adding that meals are varied. He noted that inmates who are on special diets are provided with appropriate meals. Inmates are allowed to have radio and TV sets in their cells, and are allowed to use laptops in special cases as needed in preparing defense. However, they are not allowed Internet access and laptops are inspected in prison. Inmates are allowed to wear their clothes and can receive one package weighing up to 5 kilograms.

The inside of a cell in Remetinec. Inmates receive lunch in their cells and are allowed two hours in the open with other inmates


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