Court asks Electoral Commission to explain voting ban for persons with coronavirus

The Constitutional Court has requested the State Electoral Commission (DIP) to explain within 24 hours its voting ban for persons infected with coronavirus as part of the oversight of the constitutionality and legality of elections, Court president Miroslav Separovic told Hina on Wednesday.
Court president Miroslav Separovic
 Damjan Tadic / CROPIX

After the Commission's explanation, the Court will make a decision on the Commission's conclusion that infected persons cannot vote at home in the July 5 parliamentary election, unlike voters who will be in self-isolation that day and who also pose a health risk, Separovic said.

A number of constitution experts, politicians and NGOs have warned that the Electoral Commission's exclusion of persons with coronavirus from voting restricts unconstitutionally and disproportionately the suffrage rights, but the Commission sticks by its position, citing health protection.

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07. kolovoz 2022 10:26