Fund for disposal of NEK radioactive waste says county officials' claims not true

The fund to finance the disposal of radioactive waste from the Krsko Power Plant on Tuesday responded to a letter by Sisak-Moslavina County councilors who object to the construction of a nuclear waste disposal site on Mt Trgovska Gora, saying the letter contained a number of incorrect and unverified claims.
Krsko Nuclear Power Plant
 Neja Markicevic / CROPIX

"The press release published contains a number of incorrect and unverified claims and insinuations about behind-the-scenes activities of the state regarding the disposal of radioactive waste," the fund said.

Last week, opposition councillors in the Sisak-Moslavina County Assembly from the Bridge party, the Croatian Peasants' Party (HSS) and the Croatian Party of Rights (HSP) said in a press release that activities regarding the nuclear waste disposal site were continuing far from the eyes of the public, without any consultations with residents in that region.

"The Ministry of Energy and Environment on 31 March 2020 handed over the Cerkezovac barracks to the Fund financing the decommissioning of the the Krsko Nuclear Power Plant with the intention of presenting the matter to residents of the Banovina region as a fait accompli," the councillors said in the press release.

On Tuesday the Fund underscored that the handover of the premises was publicly announced on its website and in a press release on the day of the handover. The site was selected in line with a parliament decision while the national programme to implement the strategy to store radioactive waste determined the former Cerkezovac barracks as the preferred location to establish a centre to store radioactive waste, the fund said.

Fund: Croatia is not threatened by radioactive waste 

The fund went on to say that for the purpose of informing and including the local community in the project, in October 2019 a meeting of the Dvor Municipal Council was organised but the councillors refused to attend.

The fund said that Croatia is not threatened by radioactive waste to be stored in the vicinity of the state border because it will be stored according to professional rules and respecting safety procedures.

The fund believes that the greatest obstacle in relations with the local community and cross-border cooperation is the dissemination of disinformation and untruthful claims.

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13. rujan 2020 04:10