More than 7,000 women over 50 to be employed in EU-granted elderly-care programme

So far, 4,100 women have already been employed within the programme
 Marko Todorov / Hanza Media

A total of 7,300 women will get employment within the geriatric programme under which elderly citizens get occasional help in their households, and the programme is being conducted by the Croatian Labour and Pension System Ministry.

So far, some 4,100 women, who used to be unemployed for some time and who are above 50, have already been employed within the programme and are providing elderly households with assistance, including household chores.

The aim is to employ an additional 3,000 women and thus the programme, financed through the European Social Fund (ESF), is intended to cover a total of 35,000 in elderly households or with special needs who live in rural areas or in areas not well connected with urban centres.

The ministry's State Secretary Katarina Ivanković Knezević said on Wednesday that as much as  a billion kuna would be set aside for this programme from the ESF fund, Europe’s main instrument for supporting jobs, helping people get better jobs and ensuring fairer job opportunities for all EU citizens.

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04. ožujak 2021 08:22