Obuljen-Korzinek: Get information from credible news sources

Croatian Culture Minister Nina Obuljen-Korzinek on Tuesday urged citizens to follow media outlets and get information from credible news sources, which is guaranteed by editorial responsibility.
Nina Obuljen Koržinek, Croatian Minister of Culture

- We are sending a message to citizens to get information from the media and not to share unverified information and fake news that is shared through social networks - the minister said after a meeting of the National Civil Protection Authority on the earthquake that hit Zagreb on Sunday and the coronavirus epidemic.

She reiterated that the Electronic Media Council had made a series of recommendations and would continue to do so.

- It is editorial responsibility in the media that guarantees that we are getting verified information, which is of the utmost importance at the moment - Obuljen-Korzinek underscored.

Disseminating unverified or fake information is not only unethical, immoral and harmful but also illegal, she said.

- Everyone found to be doing so will be held responsible under both the misdemeanor and criminal law, but at the moment what is most important is that citizens listen to and follow the media and get information from sources sharing verified information - the minister said.

She thanked all media for professional reporting, underscoring that she thought everyone was "really up to the task".

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24. studeni 2020 04:57