Putin: Russia to back mutually acceptable solution for Serbia and Kosovo

The visiting Russian president Vladimir Putin said in Belgrade on Thursday that his country shared Serbia's concerns over attempts to solve the Kosovo issue and that Moscow was in favour of reaching a solution that would be mutually acceptable to Belgrade and Pristina.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic arrive for a news conference in Belgrade
 Stoyan Nenov / REUTERS

Addressing a news conference after the talks with his host, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, Putin said that the future solution needed to be based on the UN Resolution 1244, whereas Vucic said that there would be no solution without Russia's involvement.

Vucic also went on to say that he was realistic and not optimistic and that he still could not see any solution to the Kosovo issue in the offing.

In his comment on the tariffs imposed by Kosovo an Pristina's decision to form a standing army, Putin said that steps recently taken by Pristina could lead to destabilisation of the Balkans.

The two presidents reaffirmed the strong ties between their respective countries.

Before the news conference Putin, who paid a day-long visit, bestowed the Order of Alexander Nevsky upon Vucic.

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