Slovenia deploys 1,000 police along Croatia border due to migrants

Slovenia has deployed over 1,000 additional police officers along the Croatian border because of the increase in the migrant flow along the Balkan route over the past two weeks, Deputy Police Director Joze Senica told reporters on Tuesday.
Border crossing between Croatia and Slovenia, Harmica-Rigonce. On the photo: migrants in the overcrowded camp in Dobova
 Dragan Matic / CROPIX

Police will step up controls on the parts of the border that are in the Ljubljana, Novo Mesto and Koper jurisdictions, which are generally the most exposed to migrant crossings.

Until Friday, police will use every technical means at their disposal and will continue to be assisted by the army, Senica said.

Speaking of illegal migrants, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said on Monday his government would pursue a stricter policy towards them after a European Court of Human Rights decision that there was no collective right to asylum.

Thereby he brought into question the previous Slovenian government's decision to join the Global Compact for Migration.

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24. veljača 2021 16:38